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On a heavier note than my previous post with Blog-hoppin’-freebie-goodness, it is with some sadness that I publicly announce my retirement from digital scrapbook design. After 11 years in this business, I will surely miss it! But as life always continues to change and grow and take different twists and turns, my free time in Photoshop is just not what it once was. I pushed this off for as long as possible but I simply cannot stretch myself anymore and it doesn’t feel fair to my shop, my creative team, my fellow designers and GMD itself! It is hard saying goodbye and closing chapters in our lives but sometimes, the thought kind of settles in with you and you think “This will be alright”.

I’ll be having a  two week retirement sale  which began today and will end on October 15th. Don’t forget to grab all of your GMD goodies as this time before they are removed from The LilyPad’s shelves! I can’t say they will be locked away f-o-r-e-v-e-r….! While I have *no plans* to bring any designs back out, I really always did enjoy creating so if the seasons change again and time permits, I may add some stuff to my Etsy shop (read below). I have always been a “never say never” girl, in all aspects of my life.

It has been my pleasure to design for this long and just so wonderful seeing all of YOU use my designs over the past decade+. Thank you for the creative, colorful ride!



On some social media-related notes, I have opened an Etsy shop recently! I’ve really only had minimal time to dedicate to this new endeavor thus far so it’s kind of been in a soft-opening stage for the past few weeks. ;) I have lots of ideas I want to implement and I will as time permits (lots of stuff for the holidays!) But for now, here it is: YELLOW PANDA STUDIO

I will be changing over the name of my GMD Facebook page after 10/15. FB is just an awful marketing tool for small businesses the past few years. They really make it hard for your posts to be seen. As such, I do not wish to start a page over from scratch. It’s just not worth it because it’s like pulling teeth getting people to see you and trying to grow the number of page likes. I will be changing my GMD page over to Yellow Panda Studio. If you do not wish to follow, this is your fair warning.  But to be honest, I really am not going to post much at all. I promise you won’t see me taking up your whole newsfeed. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” ;)

If you wish to keep up with me on Instagram, you can follow my personal and photography accounts. I do not foresee creating a new account for my Etsy shop at this time.  Of course, I am also on Facebook with my photography business: Gina Rae Miller Photography

I’ll leave off with a tiny assortment of my very favorite designs, many that are perfect for this time of year!






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