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Gina Rae Miller Photography Crossfit 165

Me again, back with more Crossfit chit chat!


So this weekend is 16.3 or, the 3rd workout in The Crossfit Open. (If you missed my recap on weeks 1 and 2, check THIS entry).

At 8pm this past Thursday night, 16.3 was announced. Everyone was nervous, as per usual. You never know what is gonna get thrown at you. Many were predicting rowing and thrusters (kill me and gag) or maybe deadlifts and handstand push-ups (love and, uh, can’t do). But there was Dave Castro streaming live from Italy, doing bar muscle-ups, in Versace.

(No not kidding).

This week’s WOD is a 7 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). You do 10 power snatches and 3 bar muscle-ups. (Scaled is 10 power snatches and 5 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups).

Our whole 9:30am Friday morning class did the workout. When I texted my husband after, and he asked how it went, I said “It was… weird. lol In my opinion, out of all 3 Open WODs, this one was the easiest and also the most like a regular ‘ol WOD. Nothing too fancy. (Please keep in mind I am talking about the scaled version. I didn’t have to attempt any crazy muscle-up movements). I finished 7 rounds + 6 extra reps for a total of 111 reps. It was fine. Nothing to write home about but I am happy with my progress. This entry isn’t really about me this time anyway. It is about my husband, muscle-ups and the camaraderie of SC Crossfit 165.

But first, a picture of me, in an entry that isn’t about me.

Gina Rae Miller Photography Crossfit 165

The ladies after completing 16.3. I’m in the loudest pants, naturally.

Once the WOD was announced, Vin went into… I won’t say panic mode but more like, research mode. It kind of took over the past 36 hours, 24 of which he spent at work with absolutely no way to get in a little practice. To demonstrate, I present to you  a smattering of texts.

Vin In Research Mode, Exhibit A: I try to show the man my sick artwork and he really wasn’t as interested as I thought he’d be. I don’t know why because clearly my digital coloring skills are next-level. (And since I know someone will ask, the app is Adult Coloring).



Exhibit B: A few hours later, I try to strike up a political conversation of sorts.



He then proceeded to come home from work and spend the evening watching more videos. I dunno. I laid in bed and digitally-colored yo.

I did make him waffles first though! I think these might be magic waffles… maybe? I make these really tasty almond flour waffles a lot (I feel they may deserve their own post soon so, perhaps!), but I decided to tweak the recipe a bit and make them banana. Then I thought, if I just sprinkle a little witchcraft on them and add a note, maybe it will plant a seed for greatness. I mean, I’m not directly saying my waffles made Vin get 5 MUs this morning, but, I’m not not saying that either.


Exhibit C: As late as this morning, he is still not getting them and still being a Negative Nancy via text.


So as you may recall from last week’s entry, I mentioned one of the great things about Crossfit is the community and the fact that you cheer everybody in your box on. You want to see everyone do well. But maybe you didn’t completely believe me. And that’s ok, because I have video proof this week that is irrefutable. I know this is my husband hanging from the bars but tell me this doesn’t get you a little misty-eyed, the whole group cheer and all.


That is Coach Charlie in the gray, Vin’s judge Larry in the hat, both of our other coaches jump into the shot at the end on the right and Lisa is in green who was COMPETING AT THE SAME TIME on the bar next to him, and stopped to watch Vin get his first MU.

What we see in this video is GENUINE EXCITEMENT for a fellow athlete. Someone trying his best, giving his absolute all and succeeding with plenty of eyes on him, all truly happy to be there, sharing in the moment for those few seconds.

Lisa’s husband Tom caught some amazing photos too (Because you know, this photographer bought her fancy iPhone camera to the gym this morning). It is a fabulous succession of awesomeness. Thanks Tom!

I call this picture Look at Coach Joey Precariously Balancing On A Barbell! Just kidding. I call it Photo #1.

Crossfit 165 Muscle-Up Crossfit Open

This lovely gem is one in which all men are elevating off the ground. Sooooo I guess I title it, Elevate. Or, Crossfit Voodoo Magic.

Crossfit 165 Muscle-Up Crossfit Open

This I title Lisa Beams With Joy!

Crossfit 165 Muscle-Up Crossfit Open

And Photo #4. I cropped this one in a little to really drive home my title. It is simply called “I Can’t Believe I Just Did A F!cking Muscle-Up!”

Crossfit 165 Muscle-Up Crossfit Open


And that my friends, is how Week 3 went. Excitement all around, Vin doing the box and his fellow FDNY-athlete-first responder brothers proud, everyone advancing and looking forward to a new week of training, a new week of wondering “What kind of absurd clues is Dave Castro going to leave for us on Instagram this week?!”

Bring it on 16.4!






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  1. Tom Lagan Avatar
    Tom Lagan

    Great post Gina!
    And an amazing job by Vin!
    I’ve watched this video multiple times…I can’t wait until I can get there!
    This truly embodies what crossfit is about!

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