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Well, well… popping in to my sad, neglected Blog to say “Hi!” and “Happy New Year!”

The Millers have been busy the last few months with all sorts of projects, school, the holidays, relaxing, doing puzzles, Crossfit, drama, dance, basketball, etc etc etc.

I was just getting together a few little peeks for my Instagram page and thought I’d share them here too. Better than nothing, right? Facebook has made it really difficult to reach my fan base over the past year and at this point, it’s become almost more of a hassle than enjoyable like it used to be. I still will post my peeks and love when clients tag them and bring new faces to the page, but its very hard to get everything to show up in your respective newsfeeds and thus, my time really is better spent elsewhere. Fighting with Facebook’s algorithms = no fun.

My photography business has become very part time, a decision I came to a few months ago. I am still booking sessions, but my hours are a bit more limited than before (still M-F during school hours but no early morning offerings for the time being). I realize that my limited hours do not work for all, but that is ok. :)  (It did take me a while to finally be ‘ok’ with this!) There are seasons in our life when other things take priority and as my kids get older, I need to be around and doing different things with/for them. My husband and I also became very involved with Crossfit in August and yeah, we have officially become obsessed. ;) I am at a point right now where I am all about being STRONG and HEALTHY! These are my current goals and they {happily} consume a lot of my daily thoughts.  I’ve fallen into a routine of getting my kids to school, going to Crossfit, running errands and doing a few things around the house before its time for the kids to come home which means homework, dinner, dance, sports, religion, etc. I’ve been getting tired earlier than usual due to working out early and just don’t pull any late-night editing sessions like I used to. I *am* hoping to dive back in to a bit of digital designing however. Stay tuned on that front…

All of that said, I am still filling space in my photography calendar but I am not posting notices ‘looking’ for appointments or announcing schedule openings. My regulars know where to find me and how to contact me. I also always love and appreciate referrals. I most always have wiggle room for a cake smash here and there. I, unfortunately, am not taking any more newborns until further notice (with the exception of ONE February opening!) My newborn calendar through mid-Summer has been booked-solid for some time now and I am holding steady at this current workload for my own sanity. :)

As always, thank you for understanding and being along with me on this journey. It is always interesting to see where the seasons take us, eh? I am most active on Instagram so feel free to connect with me over there! I post a lot of workout-related “stuff” and food pics sooooo, consider that your warning. ;)

Here are a few sessions I wrapped up at the close of the year. Two adorable little lady cake smashes and two newborn baby girl entrances into the world! I am kicking-off my 2016 shooting schedule with boy/girl twins this coming week!

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Gina Rae Miller Photography Long Island New York Newborn Photographer Gina Rae Miller Photography Long Island New York Newborn Photographer Gina Rae Miller Photography Long Island New York Newborn Photographer




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