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Warrior Dash New York

(I’m in blue thinking “Please don’t scorch my ankles or burn my shoes!”. My fire-fighting hubby is on the right thinking “Fire? What fire?!”)

It’s been a while since I’ve run a 5K but I stopped that streak recently when me plus a bunch of family & friends went upstate to run the Warrior Dash! This was a really fun race which we used to bring awareness to many groups. The race itself brings in money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The party I ran with raised money for Love4Luke which is a little local boy who has A.L.L. His motto is “Losing is NOT an option!” which is the best motto ever. And then a bunch of us wore blue & yellow to bring awareness to Down Syndrome in my late baby niece’s honor.

Warrior Dash New York

If you’re thinking about running a mud run but are a little intimated, don’t be! This was a lot of fun! It’s nice if you have someone to run with who can help you over the obstacles if need be (the mud pit here was literally impossible to get out of without help from above and below). We’re already signed up for another mud run in September (and I’m running once again in the Diva 5K this Fall as well!)

Warrior Dash New York






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