happy st. patrick’s day…

… from three little Italians. ;)

Gina Rae Miller Photography

Andrew brought in a few dozen chocolate gold coins to hand out to his class. He was practicing doing a heel-click mid-air and saying “Top of the mornin’ to ya!”

Gina Rae Miller Photography

This is the leprechaun trap the kids made all by themselves and set in the hopes of catching a tiny little green-suited man. Before the top tissue caved-in, there were gold coins up there as bait. They didn’t catch him, but he did leave behind a rainbow of mini M&Ms, and Andrew swears he heard a loud bang around 5am, sure it was the leprechaun falling into and then climbing out of the trap.

Tonight it’s corned beef & cabbage and some green-frosted cupcakes I just took out of the oven (they are actually watermelon flavor!) for dessert. Then I promised the kids popcorn and a half hour of the new Dancing With The Stars. We’ve gotta root for DJ, after all!

Enjoy your day!






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