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Just a personal Friday photo share today. As of yesterday, I am d-o-n-e with my 2013 Holiday Minis! Well, kinda sorta. ;) All that means is that I am done having my clients come here, checking out their adorable holiday outfits, and getting everyone to {hopefully} smile at the same time (sometimes, a headswap is needed!) That doesn’t mean I am done editing. It will probably take me another 10 solid days of working in Photoshop to be completely caught up.

And lets not forget that I invited 5 families (family, family of family, etc) over tomorrow for a marathon Christmas mini session! Everyone gets one good shot to use on their Christmas card. Lots of little kids here at once, including my own, all dressed up, since I only have the weekends to work with them now that everyone is in school full time.

But you know, all of THAT aside, I am d-o-n-e with my minis! And another awesome season it was. :) Thanks to everyone who came here and who chose me to photograph your children during this special time of year.

This is just a quick shot of my girls on one of my favorite backdrops for this season so far: Winter Birch Trees. I might be a little obsessed with playing with my snow brush. ;) And maybe had a bit of fun picking out new sweaters for them too.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!

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