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Hey guys! I’m so excited to share my latest product with you, a collaborative effort between myself and the lovely Heather Joyce. She has graciously turned my .PNG element pack (this first one with a Winter theme) into a .TTF file (font file) for you to download and use on your smartphone! Pretty nifty, huh?

If you like what you see but are no way ready for Winter in your part of the world, fear not good scrap buddies. 1) There’s a cute mix of lovey bits in this pack as well and 2) I have a volume 2 already done and it has more of an everyday, mish mash feel. That will be released during DSD weekend (November 1st-4th).

Oh and also, boo to you as I sit here with my fingers feeling like icicles…

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking


(On sale for the weekend, naturally!)

So just how do you use these fun little gadgets on your smartphone?

You need a Dropbox account, which is just a totally awesome way to share images (and font files) between your smartphone and computer. I am always using mine.

Here you can see my Dropbox icon on my phone (always handy on the front page) and then when you click it, what is inside. This is also exactly what you would see if you opened my Dropbox on my MAC. Everything syncs right up (and I can also transfer everything between MACs in my house. Neat-o).

It’s also apparent I need to update a lot of apps in the App Store…

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

Now as far as playing with my pictures and editing on my phone, I have a whole folder of camera gadgets I am always playing around with.

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

Here’s what is in there. Well, as much as I could fit on the first screen anyway. The stuff I use daily would be:

Instagram: Of course!

PicTapGo:  I do 99% of my editing in here. Kind of over Instagram’s filters.

PicFrame: I use this when making my collages. See below for a little tip.

Phonto: For playing with TLP’s mobile goodies, naturally!

SquareReady: If I need to edit a shot for Instagram that isn’t already a square, or I need to add white space to fill in a square when I don’t want to crop the picture.

The rest of the stuff I barely use.

Really quick regarding SquareReady:

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

See how nice that looks? If you click the little icon I circled to the right, it will center up your shot. And here’s a little tip. Maybe this doesn’t bug you but it bugs me so here goes:

When editing and you know you are going to be adding white space from SquareReady, please for the love of color and clean editing, edit in this fashion: PicTapGo -> SquareReady -> Instagram (no more editing in here. I use it at this point just for uploading purposes!) Reason being is once you square-up your photo and *then* proceed to edit, you turn your lovely white border into a yucky pink, depending on what filter you use. It’s not pretty. And you’re welcome.

Now back to using my Snippies on your phone!

When you go to purchase and download your product, please select what file you want to use. You have the option of purchasing the .PNGs, the .TTF file or… drumroll… BOTH! ;) Here is where you are making your decision. Big stuff here people. Choose wisely.

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

If you just want to play with these on your phone, you only need the .TTF (True Type Font) file.

Once purchased, you will download your file. Don’t forget, you need your Dropbox installed on both your computer & phone by this point.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

I’d sing jeopardy music here but that won’t really come across a voiceless Blog so hotly. Instead, I shall now link you to more mobile ready goodness: *CLICK*

Back? Ok good. Lets continue.

Place the .TTF file into your Dropbox so you can access it from your phone. If you scroll back up above to my side-by-side screenshots, you will see mine in there.

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

Click your font (we are inside Dropbox don’t forget!) and download it. It will ask if you want to open the file in Phonto. YES you do (also please note it would make sense to actually have Phonto loaded onto your phone prior to this point). ;)

Make sure Phonto was shut completely and re-opened so we can start fresh, with the .TTF file in there.

So I opened Phonto and loaded in a picture. Now I want to add text so I click anywhere on my photo to bring up the text box. Follow these two simple steps.

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

Two more simple steps. (See? This whole thing is crazy-simple). We want to look at “My Fonts” and see what we have inside. Ooooh, the possibilities! (But please limit those possibilities to no more than 50 nifty fonts. Phonto says it may crash if you try to install more. Silly Phonto. App-crashing is for kids).

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

The rest is really quite simple. You are going to press your letter keys and watch what cute little designs from my Snippies pack pop-up.

***side note: I am going to make a letter key so that you know when you press, say, “G”, the “love you” heart pops-up. Give me a smidge more time. In the meantime, you can certainly just press your letter and play. There are 16 designs in each Snippies pack).

You can change the size and color of everything too!

Gina Miller Designs Digital Scrapbooking

So, what do you think?? It may seem like a lot of steps but I promise that once you have the basics installed on your phone i.e. Dropbox and Phonto, it really is a piece of cake! Give it a day or two and just play. I bet you love adding these fun new mobile-ready treats to your images and sharing via Instagram and Facebook! Whatever floats your boat.

HERE is a great article over at the Pad, detailing just what you need to get the ball rolling. This is assuming I made absolutely no sense in this Blog entry. Hey, it happens.

I’m doing a giveaway on my FB page that ends at 4pm today. Go enter for your chance to win this Snippies v.1 pack for FREE!

Any questions or comments, feel free to drop a line here and I’ll do the best I can to help.

Have fun playing!


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