10 day old addison | before & after

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a before & after. Love sharing these, especially with newborns. I’ve seen a few photographers say that are cutting down on their newborn editing and showing baby “as-is” and of course, who doesn’t love a little, brand new squishy bundle? However, this doesn’t sit well with me (and this is strictly personal preference. If it works for you and your business, great!) When my clients book me, they are booking me because I’ve hopefully come highly recommended from their friends and/or they’ve seen my work and have fallen for my style. That style includes smoothing dry skin, taking away red splotches, fixing bruises, etc. Anyone can take a snapshot and call it good. I’m not one for shortcuts. When you book *me*, along with my time during the actual session, you are also paying in part for my Photoshop talent. That means I am going to take your already-cute little one and really make them shine. After all, this is their big debut in front of the camera! I’ll take care of bruises, scrapes, crumbs and snot for you (all four extremely popular with my birthday clients). ;)

Pretty little Addison, at 10 days new, was sleepy, peaceful and gorgeous! She did have a red splotchy left eyelid (and a bit on the right) that needed correcting on every image. Here’s a quick little before & after of her on this pretty butter yellow. I can’t decide if I like before & afters shown at a larger size top and bottom or an easier to see (although smaller) side by side, so you get both copies here. Enjoy!



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