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Yesterday I photographed my 4 day old nephew. My children are never present for newborn sessions but since this was their baby cousin and my sister-in-law was fine with it, they stayed. My Mom came over for the entire session too. It was a lot of fun to have so many hands readily available and to share some of my secrets. The McDonalds break mid-shoot was kind of nice too. ;)

I started editing his photos last night and couldn’t wait to work on this bookworm shot! I thought it would be really fun if my vision came to life and I really like the way it turned out. When I was looking at the finished photo after, I was wondering who would see it and just think we plopped a baby on a stack of books and called it good. No way. Someone is *always* within inches of my newborns, if not actually touching them the entire time. Never, ever compromise baby’s safety to get a shot (check this image I posted last week – with 111 likes at present. That’s big for me. Yay GRMPhotography!).

Here are two unedited shots straight off my camera. The first one shows my oldest sitting right behind her baby cousin as we get him comfy on a little stack of books (there was some of the crocheted cocoon right under his head so he was always on something cozy and soft). We left his pacifier in as we placed the glasses on him just to make sure he’d stay peacefully sleeping. He had no idea the glasses were even on his face. And for the record, those are my oldest daughter’s trendy new “fake” glasses. They don’t have any prescription glass in them whatsoever.

The second shot shows my daughter removed (she was actually just to the right of this frame by this point, still staying close by as an extra set of hands). The hand you see spotting Rocco in case he decided to roll (he did not) belongs to his mommy.

And lastly, here is the final shot which is edited, ready for printing and feel free to do some oohing and ahhing over it too! I thought it would be a great “Monday morning and its back to the school and work routine” photo to share. My cute little bookworm. :)

Have a great week fellow bookworms!


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