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I know, you haven’t read that in a while…! I did so good plugging along with my Project Life album from January to April and then life got a little too ‘in the way’ I suppose and while we enjoyed ourselves, there was no time to record it. And that’s ok except that I really do want to have a completed PL album at the end of the year. On the very first day of this year, I remember thinking how awesome it would have been to have had a complete album from 2011 to flip through with all of our fun highlights included. So even though I am behind (that’s an understatement if I ever heard one…), I am posting to prove that even if you are missing weeks and have fallen off the scrapbooking wagon, preserving something is better than nothing. So I picked up with Week 34 (last week) since its still fresh in my head and we will see just what I can go back and record in the coming weeks. I’m not stressing over it. I’ll at least have some sort of cool, if not 100% complete, album when the year wraps.

Week 34 included Emily’s birthday which is why I added a separate two-page spread. I had a bunch of shots from American Girl that I wanted to share. I used a Cathy Zielske template for that two-pager.

The right side of Week 34’s main spread includes a peek at the back-to-school session I did with my kids. Love every single shot I captured! I’ll be Blogging the full set on our first day of school next week.

week 34, left side:

week 34, right side:

week 34, side-by-side:

week 34, Emily’s birthday insert left:

week 34, Emily’s birthday insert right:

week 34, Emily’s birthday insert side-by-side:





6 responses to “week 34, done! | project life”

  1. libbywilko Avatar

    Looks like Emily had such a fun birthday! I loved your bright colourful week 34, well done for starting again. I bet you’d still have enough photos :) to catch up each week you missed even if they have less journaling.

  2. Anna M Avatar
    Anna M

    That is totally awesome that you completed this week. Your pages and pictures are of course gorgeous!

  3. MaryRuth Avatar

    so happy to see new pages! Love all the bright colors!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thanks MaryRuth!

  4. Vicky Avatar

    Glad to see you’re back on the Project Life train.Your pages are amazing as always!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thanks Vicky! I am actually working on a few more right now. :) Feels good to be catching up a bit!

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