my beautiful birthday girl | emily, 9

Its about that time again… time to kick The Miller Kids’ Birthday Season off! Emily starts us off in August and then we celebrate birthdays every 3 weeks taking us through the Fall.

Em is 9 today. NINE! How and when did this happen? On one hand, I feel like she was a tiny little bundle of newness just the other day. On the other, I feel as if I’ve known her my entire life.

We had the BEST time getting this shot yesterday! We. Were. Rolling! Emily is very giggly and very bubbly. It’s not in her nature to take herself so seriously. She was having the hardest time following my “stare off into space, but relax …no relax your mouth more!” directions. For every one serious shot I took, there are a dozen in between of her laughing. When I first wrapped her in the lace, I said “This is all wrong. You look like Mother Theresa.” LOL! In the end though, we got the shot I was looking for: something that showed off how beautiful & mature my birthday girl is.

Happy Birthday sweet lil’ lady. I love you to the moon and back!


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