jonathan | long island cake smash photographer

Oh man… too much time has passed between this session and me Blogging it! Jonathan was such a little cutie pie. He covered himself in cake!

I always joke with my clients that I have a mental scrapbook of all of the funny & memorable things I will remember from certain shoots (I really should actually jot these down and write a book one day!) There was the time that a little girl attempted to vomit up her cake (I swear it was a scrumptious homemade yellow cake and not poison!) There was the little peanut boy whose Dad lifted him up to move positions in a Christmas shoot and his pants just fell right down to his ankles (little peanut boy’s ~ not Dad’s!) C’mon… how cute would this book be?

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because Jonathan’s session was the first cake smash …where the cake was smashed before I took the first shot! Mom and Dad brought along their own adorable cake and unfortunately had a little mishap when they stepped out of the car. In the end, we took decorations off the old cake, applied them to the new cake and unless I mentioned it just now, you’d be none the wiser. It does make a good story for my photographer’s behind-the-scenes book one day though. ;)

I hope you had a very happy birthday Jonathan!

Have a sweet day!


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