fdny vs. nypd

Just a few photos of my hubby I wanted to share. :) Over the weekend, he had his annual Summer NYPD vs. FDNY lacrosse game. It was an awesome game until the 4th quarter when the police pulled ahead and fire didn’t catch up in time. The final score was 11-8 (my birthday!) Even with the loss, the kids and I had a nice time watching him. I also had a nice time breaking in my new zoom lens.   The last sport’s season I shot was Spring lacrosse for my son & daughter and I was still using my Nikon. I told myself I would invest in another no-frills zoom by time football season rolled around so you know, I was just making good on a promise to myself. ;)  I used my husband’s lacrosse game as the final push to run to the camera shop and pick one up!






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