before & after: bye bye rashy cheeks

During a recent newborn session, I had mom and dad both tell me that they loved looking through my before & afters. I realized it had been quite some time since I shared any and I personally think they are fun to look at too! I love playing in Photoshop and fixing little bits of my photos. True, you should always nail color, clarity and composition when shooting because it cuts down on your processing time, but when it’s something like newborn acne or rashy cheeks (I’ve also seen lots of farmer’s tans that need blending on my first birthday clients this Summer!), there’s not much you can do as you are shooting.

This cute little dude had rashy red cheeks but you’d never know it after I got done playing with his set of pictures. Isn’t he adorable? I am showing off the edited shot in both color & black and white because I love a good black & white, especially if it’s a close-up.

There are one hundred and one ways to do any one thing in Photoshop. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the clone tool. If the skin is as red as this to start, I may take my sponge tool and set it to desaturate before I sponge over the cheeks. It is usually set on something small, like 9 or 10%. Then I dodge a bit to lighten the areas. The majority of my color correction gets done by cloning a piece of skin that is the correct color (usually from the forehead) and slowly & carefully stamping over the red areas. Again, this is just the way *I* prefer to do it. I get correct color and clear skin. You’ll never get airbrushed, glamour-shot skin from me. It’s just not my style.

Have a super day!


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