happy father’s day!

The kids and I were so excited with the present we made for my husband, Dad and father-in-law this year. Check out how cute these turned out.

First I took a picture of each kid holding a blank chalkboard. The reason we left it blank was two-fold: I like the neatness that comes along with a font and we were planning on making these for three individuals, so it saved the time of washing and drying the board between each use. Bonus: I am thinking about making a scrapbook page with these too, maybe with a funny saying from each kid or a few favorites.

Then I chose a chalkboard-looking font to Photoshop-in the reasons each kid gave me (Give them the “We love you because…” prompt and see what they say). There are tons of fonts out there. I used this one by Kimberly Geswein and just love the way it looked on the boards. Check out her fonts ~ they’re awesome!

I created an 11×14 canvas, arranged the pictures plus a text block and just swapped-out the chalkboard text and who it was to on each copy. Then I left a thin white border before my lab printed them which worked out perfectly with the thick wooden frames we used.

Here’s the copy we gave my husband.

My father:

My father-in-law:

Cute huh?

Another cute treat we made for my Dad: an ‘edible’ candy card!

Hope you’re having a great day dads!






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  1. libbywilko Avatar

    These are so cute, I’m sure all the Dads will adore them ! Love that you included where you got the chalk font too, Thank you .

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