international scrapbooking day 2012

Woo! A scrapbooking holiday (and my husband’s 35th birthday ~ happy birthday Vince!)

There’s lots of fun stuff going on in the digital scrap world today. I have a bunch of new products to share here, some recent layouts and a coupon for extra savings next week! Here we go…

CLICK HERE FOR MY DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING STORE. Everything is 30% off this weekend!

These are my two May BYOC products. Don’t you just love these colors? To see the entire BYOC line, make sure to check HERE.

Then we had some “Special Saturday” releases today and I released two more new products.

Click HERE for Odds & Ends 1, a pretty mix of buttons, ribbons and flowers.

I also released a collab with one of my favorite fellow designers. Perhaps you saw our sneak peek picture floating around FB last week. I love The Big Bang Theory and this was my inspiration for creating this kit:

I drafted up some colors, Jacque was totally on board and we came up with this fun, geeky kit:

It’s filled with all sorts of science bits, nerdy things, a paper doll superhero and cape and of course, underroos. ;)

You can find that collab in the shop right HERE.

Speaking of Jacque and collabs, won’t you take a moment to check out this amazing LilyPad collab, created with Jacque’s amazing brother in mind?

from Jacque:

There are over 600,000 people in the US living with brain tumors. There are over 120 different types of brain tumors. My sweet brother, Jay, is one of those statistics.

As May is Brain Tumor Awareness month this kit was designed to support and celebrate those affected by brain tumors. With Jay’s tumor came chemo and radiation and hospital stays. But it also brought hope, a desire to be involved and recognition of his great accomplishments and skills. This kit speaks to the devastation of brain tumors but also to the amazing functioning of our brains! Jay is a prime example. He is smart, kind, talented and determined. His ability to cope and persist is unmatched. He is the motivator behind this kit. Support and celebrate with us through Brain Smart! I am so grateful to be a part of an amazingly talented and GIVING community. The-LilyPad designers have been so supportive in contributing to this AMAZING collab! ALL proceeds from sales during the month of May will go directly to This will allow the National Brain Tumor Society to advance research for a cure and to provide much-needed programs and services to meet the needs of patients and families coping with a brain tumor today. Families just like mine!

Click HERE for the kit and some layout ideas!


I’ve done some scrapping recently. Not as much as I would have liked but it’s a start. April and May are/were super-busy for me in terms of photography, so I have to take what I can get as far as Photoshop time goes. Since it’s scrapbook weekend 2012, I hope to maybe squeeze one layout in before tomorrow night rolls around.

All of my credits can be found in my Lilypad gallery HERE.

Cousin Outtakes

Bronx Zoo


Easter Sunday


Looking for some fun in the form of giveaways, games and general scrapbooking chatter? Check TLP forums by using this link HERE.


Want in on assorted giveaways this weekend? Make sure to follow my GMD Facebook page!


Last but not least, that coupon I promised you plus a direct link into The LilyPad’s FB hop! Get ready to load up on FREE product and coupons from the Pad!

I am the tail end of the hop so if you follow this handy dandy link to Amy Martin’s page, you’ll not only be able to download a fabulous FREE template of hers, but you’ll start the hop from the beginning and collect all of your goodies along the way. :)

Happy Scrapbooking everyone! Have a fabulous weekend!






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