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I am almost up to present day: one more week to work on.

Week 11 was Disney World week! When I laid out my pages, I tried to keep lots of blank white areas for journaling and kept the photos mostly centered on the page. Then I went back and added the text, character stickers, etc. The new cards you see here (memories, the blue ‘today’ card, etc) will be available in my shop this weekend with the other BYOC products. :)

Some handy links:

Check The Box Cards by Emily Merritt
Washi Tape Frames by Kitschy Digitals
Spring Break brushes by Ali Edwards

week 11, left side:

week 11, right side:

week 11, side-by-side:

week 12, left side:

week 12, right side:

week 12, side-by-side:

Enjoy the day!





4 responses to “eleventh & twelfth weeks, done! | project life”

  1. Kimberlee/Scrapsandsass Avatar

    Wonderful job. I love that picture of you and the girls. Beautiful!

  2. MaryRuth Avatar


    i have a question… I LOOVE your pages and just bought the page template that you’ve been using… I saw in the notes (when you switched over to digital) that you changed the opacity to 70%… how does it look when its in an actual page protector? Do your pages look “cloudy’ behind a page projector or did you find that 70% is enough?


    1. Gina Avatar

      Hi MaryRuth!

      I have since lowered the opacity to 60%, just because I prefer brighter colors on my pages but no, I don’t feel like the layouts are cloudy at all when put into the page protector. I love the way they look. :)

      Hope that helps!

  3. Tiara Avatar

    Love your Disney pages!! Would you mind sharing how you made the “Disney World” word art/cut in the first pocket? Thanks.

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