the bronx zoo

We took the kids to the Bronx Zoo as a fun Spring Break treat. I haven’t been there since I was probably about Emily’s age. It was a lot of fun. We did miss the lions and gorillas but the monorail doesn’t open until May so it’s a ton of walking and we accomplished what we could in the four hours we were there. We saw dozens of animals and played a fun game on the way home: Cutest Animal, Scariest Animal, Weirdest Looking Animal, Most Interesting Animal, etc. Hm. I sense a scrapbook page in the making…

We are planning on either A- going back this Summer since we always add the zoo to our Summer Fun List or B- hitting the Central Park Zoo and finishing the day with a night time ride to the top of the Empire State Building. I have to say, the kids are really digging that idea.

I took lots of pictures but not of every animal. For example, I put Wild African Dog as a top contender for Scariest Animal and I do not have the picture to prove just how creepy these things are. Did you know a pack of them can eat an entire zebra in less than 15 minutes? We are a lot smaller than a zebra. I’m just sayin’…

Some of the animals we did see and have photographic evidence to back that claim up are:

We started our day in Asia and the first animal we saw was the Red Panda! Very cute and a striking shade of orangey red.

Polar Bear! This guy was eating breakfast laying down and then stared straight at Emily. She thought he was trying to send her a subliminal message like “Dry cereal not cutting it. Send fish. Cute shoes.”

Right above the Polar Bear were some Grizzlies. They are so big! Here’s one just sitting (he was actually scratching himself on the tree trunk).

When we walked by a little while later, one of the Grizzlies was taking a bath!

Right outside the giraffe area was a partial skeleton of a 35 year old elephant that was poached in 1989 for it’s ivory. Sad.

He’s not in this particular shot, but there was a 3 week old baby giraffe in the field and he was already 6′ tall!

These tigers jumped up after hearing a noise and took off. They were behind protective glass. So, so big and scary!

Zebra! Those stripes are awesome. Did you know that no two are alike? Their stripes are like our fingerprints.

A wallaby that looked like it was interested in making me lunch. See the baby in it’s pouch?

My son loves facts. He has a great memory for little tidbits of random information. I was calling him my little zoologist because he would rattle off the names of random animals for us (he knew what the Ibex was before any of us did). He’s the one who told us the female counterpart to the peacock is actually called a peahen. Anyway, these are some gorg peacock feathers!

Squirrel Monkey. How do I get myself one of these?!


Some of the very cutest animals were the Prairie Dogs! The set-up was cute for the kids too. Take a look at how perfectly placed this little Prairie Dog is.

The Millers say “Thanks for checking out our animal pictures and virtually coming to the Bronx Zoo with us” and “You’re welcome” for giving you nightmares about rabid, hungry Wild African Dogs.






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