march photo challenge | part 3 of 4

In case you missed them, part 1 and part 2.

Day 17: Green

We had only gotten home from vacation late the night before but because it was St. Patrick’s Day, I had to bake something for the kids. That treat ended up being rainbow cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting, Lucky Charms and mini shamrock sprinkles.

Day 18: A Corner Of Your Home

The one and only toy corner in the living room. Everything else must either find a spot in the bedroom or go into the toyroom downstairs. This makes me happy.

Day 19: Funny

Grace and I ran a few errands today: grocery shopping with a side of Starbucks mainly. While using the Target bathrooms, her and I were hysterical over the hand dryers. They were so loud that we couldn’t hear each other screaming over them.

Day 20: Before & After

A perfect before & after! On the left is my set up as I waited for my cute little client to come for his shoot. On the right is how we used the cape and superhero-colored balloons. Love the way this turned out!

Day 21: Delicious

A decided to make myself a smoothie for breakfast. After some searching online and tweaking in the kitchen, I ended up with an Oatmeal Banana Strawberry breakfast smoothie that was quite delicious.

Day 22: Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink mid dinner prep.

Day 23: Today

Today’s original prompt was pretty dumb considering it was “moon” …and there was no moon out tonight! Using my second list of prompts didn’t even help because uh, I didn’t care for a picture of waste. The only thing left to do was to just use a picture depicting something that happened today. It ended up being a great day actually. I delivered my Box Full Of Sunshine to my friend, got a haircut and then went on a date with my husband. We saw The Hunger Games.

Day 24: An Animal

Snuggle Puggle!

We’re in the homestretch now! And can I just say that I cannot believe it’s April in a few more days. Woah!

Have a great day!






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