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This past weekend were dance pictures at my daughters’ studio. Even though I end up doing my own at home because I love using solid backdrops and choosing a complimenting color, I always buy a package at the studio too. They hang each child’s photo in the front window and the girls get a kick out of finding themselves. Plus, I needed a sister picture. Ever since I was a little girl (and danced at the very same studio), I always wished I had a sister to take a sibling photo with. Since this is Grace’s first year dancing, this was my very first chance. I can’t wait to see my girls in the window together in a few weeks!

Emily is in three classes (and she’s been on my case to let her take a 4th next year). This is her lyrical costume. She’s dancing to Blessings by Laura Story. This white outfit is going to look gorgeous on stage!

She is also a part of the ballet ensemble. This year they are doing Little Mermaid (and subsequently, my favorite Disney Princess!) Emily’s class is dancing to Under The Sea. Isn’t this costume great? I love how the arm pieces look like seaweed.

Jazz is fun and more importantly, the costume is age-appropriate. Her class is dancing to Queen Latifah’s Walk The Dinosaur. I remember skating around the roller rink in the 80’s to this song (not the Queen version though). It’s a fun dance.

And then there’s Grace. This is her very first year on the stage. <3 Her costume is beautiful! I told her she looks like a big puff of cotton candy. Because Emily’s lyrical number wasn’t enough of a tear jerker for us, Grace’s class is dancing to a slow, sappy ballet. I can’t tell you the name of it right now because I thought it was A Mother’s Prayer by Celine Dion but this past class they opened the door for the first time and that wasn’t it (Grace just says “Yes, that’s it!” so everything I put on YouTube). I’ll figure it out next class.

I prayed that I would have at least one daughter who followed in my footsteps and found a love in dance. Lucky for me, God gave me two.

Have a beautiful day!



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