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I finally had some time during the kids’ Winter Break to play in Photoshop (which was a feat in itself seeing as I had to make time first to edit my sessions and then fight all three kids off hourly. They discovered Moshi Monsters last week. We ended up compromising: I worked in the mornings while they each completed five simple chores and checked them off their white board. A completed list equaled computer time later in the day).

I used some of my new cards here. So happy I got to use that green one with the pink heart. Love those colors. :)

This week I especially loved the family drawing Andrew did for us (that is hanging on his bedroom door) and Emily’s hand with the descriptive words her classmates wrote about her on it. This was such a cute idea and I am so happy she brought it home to us on Valentine’s Day. She ended up cutting out 5 hearts from paper and passing them around to each of us. At the end of them circulating, each family member had a heart with words that the other 4 wrote about that person: creative, hardworking, smart, etc. Such a cute idea. Thanks Emmie. :)

week 7, left side:

week 7, right side:

week 7 side-by-side:

I have a little freebie I am offering here for the week. It will be active from now until Friday evening. If I leave it up for too long my bandwith skyrockets.

*thanks for stopping by but the freebie isn’t available any longer*

freebie offered from 2/27-3/2

If you grab it, leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!


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