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I Pinned a really cute birth announcement today that used assorted typefaces to tell a catchy little story. I knew I had to make three of these for my own babies. I am still not sure if I’ll frame and hang them in their rooms or under their 8×8 framed photos in the hall. My girls share a bedroom which is why I used the same color scheme but reversed for theirs. Didn’t they turn out cute? I decided to go with a different font for each name because with Emily’s name being so short, I had to really enlarge the font to make it stretch to my borders and it wasn’t looking great. And about the mohawk, my kids always laugh when I tell that story so I had to include it.

“And then the nurse came over to tell me what you looked like and she said “You have a beautiful little daughter… and she has a mohawk!” (true story)

Fonts used, from top to bottom, left to right on any one sign, are:

Century Gothic, Sweetheart Script, Georgia, Adobe Caslon Pro (large date), Century Gothic, DejaVu Sans Extra Light (weight), Chopin Script (miracle), Georgia, Antipasto, Century Gothic, LD Little Piggy and Century Gothic. Emily’s name is typed in Big Caslon. Andrew’s name is typed in Antipasto (love this one!) Grace’s name is typed in Chaparral Pro.

Thanks for keeping me feeling awesome and creative or just creatively awesome Pinterest!







4 responses to “pinterest-inspired prints”

  1. Jheri Avatar

    What are great idea.. Can you imagine what a great after the baby is born shower gift this would make for the mom who’s not so crafty. :)

  2. Debra Kirkpatrick Avatar

    Gina! I saw these when you pinned them and they turned out so awesome-ly! I am absolutely doing this for my girl! Sounds like you have a crazy-busy weekend coming up; can’t wait to see the peaks from three shoots. :)

  3. Darcie Avatar

    At the risk of asking a really dumb question, what program did you use to create these? I am considering purchasing photoshop or microsoft publisher or something similar…but would love to know what you use, based on your experience.

  4. Debbie Kellman Avatar
    Debbie Kellman

    I am doing one of these too! Thanks for listing the fonts :) Yours came out adorable!

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