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Finally! I had to keep putting this week’s pages aside because there were lots of little things I wanted to include and I didn’t have a good chunk of time to sit and blueprint everything. I did have my index card sketches though and those are quite handy!

Not many new things were observed or discovered this week. I would probably just mention that:

– Sketching your pages on an index card, scrap of paper, receipt, what have you, is a really good idea. I start them at the beginning of the week and they really help me when I sit to decide which pictures are going where. I just keep adding to it all week, tweaking as needed.

– I mixed and match fonts a bit more on these two pages and what do you know: my obsessive-compulsive brain didn’t explode. My layouts also didn’t self-combust so really, you can’t break any rules here. Just do whatever works for you! Don’t feel you need to stick to all one font.

Week 4, left side:

Week 4, right side:

Week 4 side-by-side:

I’m thinking this coming week will be the week that I add in a fun 6×12 insert of some kind.

And with that, I have a bunch of newborn sessions to edit and Blog. Happy Groundhog’s Day! 6 more weeks of Winter according to Phil but I am not even sure New York has had a Winter yet…





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  1. Debbie Alvarado Avatar

    Love the pages. I really like that 5 things card, great idea! I’ve been doing a week in review card on a 4×6, but this is a great alternative if I want that bigger space for a photo. Are you all digital? I just realized your pages look so neat and clean compared to mine. Sweet!

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