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I Blogged when my daughter made her confession last year so it’s only fair that Andrew gets a post all of his own too. :)

His ceremony was on Saturday. It was a beautiful day outside and a beautiful ceremony as well. He was chosen as a reader. We found out when we went to practice on Thursday night. The woman in charge was waiting for Andrew because she came over to hand him an index card with his two lines on it, saying “Oh good. We were looking for you.” This leads me to believe that the readers weren’t chosen at random that night. I have no idea how they choose them actually. When I asked Andrew, he said “Maybe it’s the kids who talk a lot and are loud in class?” I would say this is a very good assumption, based on the number of times my son has to turn his card daily for talking in class. =P

Anyway, here is my cute little fuzzy-headed boy. We are looking forward to his First Holy Communion in May!

Love the scabbed-up knuckles from a playground scrape at recess. ; )

I totally rub that fuzzy little head daily and make wishes on it. <3






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  1. Kristin wyowoman Avatar
    Kristin wyowoman

    G, these are especially wonderful photos <3 GReat captures.

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