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A quick little Friday peek and it comes in the form of a before and after! :) Always important to show how my newborns are never, ever put in unsafe positions. More often than not, Mom or Dad’s hands or arms are Photoshopped out of trickier shots. Safety first!

Here, I rolled out my black seamless paper which doesn’t photograph as dark as I would like. No worries though, because I just needed something dark and solid. It didn’t matter that the floor, which was actually my jet black fleecy blanket, was a shade or two darker.

Baby was sound asleep which allowed us to place her in the helmet nicely. Dad steadied the helmet and baby with one arm. Not sure we would have been as successful if she was quirmy but thankfully, she was happy to snooze. :)

After, I did most of the tricks mentioned here. I edited the original shot’s colors first because I knew I wanted to just tone up her skin and not edit after all of my black was painted on. Then I created a layer using my polygonal lasso tool around baby and helmet and inverted, filled in this layer surrounding baby with the darkest black (eyedrop-sampled from the blanket), masked all around her zooming in and using a variety of brush tips, added a light pattern to the black for some noise (remember: to help with banding although I am not even sure that would be an issue with this pitch black background), clipped the pattern to just the black so baby didn’t have pattern on her skin, flattened and then edited out splotches on her skin, eyelids (a bit of redness), a sticky patch on her hand from her IV…. I also cleaned up her diaper and the white under her head so it would look more like a soft blanket rather than a hand towel I grabbed quickly. ;)

Yes I edited her belly button too because her umbilical stump was on the bigger side and I didn’t want it to take anything away from the final shot. I made sure to include two copies in her gallery: the one shown below and one with a small amount of the belly button in place. If I take it upon myself to edit something that I am not entirely sure Mom and Dad will like, I always give them two options with the final gallery.

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    I so want to do this. Love!

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