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I am kind of liking my Friday before & after posts. :) I am really happy with the way this photo turned out.

Abby, 7 days new, was photographed in my home this past Monday. I did a few shots on my deep plum textured blanket but it sort of photographed more brown than I originally intended. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things because the photo was still crystal clear and that’s what truly matters but 1) for this set of photos, Abby had nothing on her head such as a cutesy hat or flowered headband and 2) We had just finished a few shots on a fuzzy brown blanket. I wanted to make sure she looked like a little girl in the final shot and I am super-happy with how it worked out. :) Abby has the cutest heart-shaped lips so that helped.

The top two photos are “befores”. Mom’s arm was in the shot originally so I started this series after I already removed her arm and patched in some blanket. Other than that, no editing was done to the top-left picture. You can see Abby had splotchy skin. In the top-right photo, splotches were gently airbrushed and cloned out.

Between the top and bottom shots, I worked a bit on the blanket. I decided not to go crazy with the fading here and just gently added a textured mask and some solid color (on a very low opacity) to keep the focus on the front of the frame.

The bottom two shots are my “afters”. I decided to edit these particular photos with more of a blue hue to them to bring back some of the purple in the blanket.  I went back with a fine-toothed comb and did some final tweaks to little red areas on her skin. I love the final coloring in the bottom-left photo and how beautiful and girly Abby looks. The blanket color changed pretty drastically but Abby’s skin is still creamy and soft. The bottom-right polished “after” is the same as the shot on the left but converted to black and white. I’m also digging the richness of the charcoal color the blanket gave off so I knew I had to include this edit as well.

What a scrumptious little peanut!

After a bunch of back-to-back newborn baby girls, I am looking forward to photographing a sweet lil’ boy this morning.

Have a beautiful day!




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