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Week 3 is done, yay!  It took me a little longer to put together this week’s spread because 1) I didn’t work on it throughout the week, a tip I mentioned being helpful in my last post and 2) I added more bits and pieces to these two pages. And this feels good to me. It’s basically just like scrapping now, only everything is arranged neatly into a cute pocket. ;)

Observations from week 3:

– I most likely will not work on my weekly pages a little at a time like I originally thought. That was before I committed to a digital project. Now that I am completing these pages in Photoshop only, it’s easier to work all at once, like a layout. I am enjoying doing the bulk of the page in one sitting and then going back and adding little bits and pieces to finish it off.

– Don’t forget to check your cell phone’s photo album! I originally uploaded my two-page spread to Facebook and then remembered I had a decent (if not totally blue because of the iPhone’s flash) shot of my husband and I out together that I wanted to include. My Target shots from this week (see below) are both from my iPhone too. Cell photos are totally acceptable!

– I ordered 6 pages last week from my lab and forgot about edges! I used to always add a thin border to my layouts pre-printing in case anything got cut from the edges. I forgot with my Project Life pages and I have to say, I didn’t like the result. I was missing the little clear stitching around the top of the pockets. I went back and figured out a good format. I took my 12×12 white paper that I’ve been using behind the pages and placed that on a 12×12 canvas. Then I re-sized my flattened layout to 11.5″ giving me a nice white border once I placed it on the 12×12 canvas. They look so much better after printing now.

– I changed up my template this week. I had seen a template that I liked but didn’t have a digital version. I asked my friend Valorie to create one for me so it would match the others I have been using. It doesn’t appear to be available for sale yet, but you can check her other templates and digital work HERE.

– Freebies are being offered in the digital world constantly. Keep my Project Life pinboard bookmarked if you are looking to find some! (If you need an invite to Pinterest, send me your e-mail. I warn you now though, it’s beyond-addicting).

Week 3, left side:

Week 3, right side:

Week 3 side-by-side:

Tomorrow is the last day of Week 4! I may just get to work on my layouts since I already have my blueprints sketched and I need a break from reading & napping on this rainy day.





4 responses to “third week, done! | project life”

  1. Vicky Avatar

    Amazing layouts Gina!!!I can’t wait every week to see what you’ve come up with!Keep up the good work!!

  2. Leigh Avatar

    I love your layouts. I hope Val makes those page protectors for sale, cuz that new one you used is amazing! I am addicted to project life! LOVE IT!!

  3. Heather Ferguson Avatar

    Oh my goodness, the screenshot of your Pinterest boards is such a great idea! I do so many things online, and I’ve been trying to incorporate that into PL. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. heather prins Avatar
    heather prins

    oh i love it ! Digital is awesome isn’t it?

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