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My second week of filling my Project Life album is done! I definitely added more “stuff” to my second week spread and I’m liking the results! Here are some things that ran though my head this week:

This project is much easier if you work a little bit here and there throughout the week, then put the finishing touches on your layouts on that 7th day, or what have you. Don’t try to gather 6-7 photos and 6-7 journaling bits and do it all at once. I mean, maybe that’s the way you roll but that seems like an awful lot of work in one sitting to me.

Keep notes. Both last week and this I added a small journal card with extra little tidbits about our week that weren’t included in the larger photos. I find stuff like this the most fun to read years later.  I go through my Blogs and Facebook to jog my memory. It’s amazing what you forget in the span of 7 days (or is that just me? Maybe don’t answer that.)

Design-wise, I decided not to round the corners on the 4 inner photos. These are still just digital mock-ups for the Blog and I haven’t actually assembled my album yet (still waiting for week one’s photos to be delivered.) so I can leave week one alone and not round those corners either. Or I can change my mind when everything arrives and I start slipping stuff into page protectors. We will see but I do sort of like the contrast between rounded corners on the 4x6s photos and square corners on the middle cards.

I belong to a few Project Life groups and I see I am not alone when I say “But digital seems so much easier/convenient/etc!” <- personal opinion, not suggesting you must love digital. But many girls who scrapbook the way I do agree. I thought it was pretty funny to find everyone saying things I was thinking in my own head once I voiced my thoughts. And I think I a finding it confusing because, I don’t know what I am.=P  To me, my pages are comprised of photos with overlays and a bunch of journaling cards that were all arranged in Photoshop. Printed. Stuck in albums. I am not adding anything after i.e. ‘real’ buttons or ‘real’ ribbons. So I kind of feel like a paper scrapping impostor. ;) That said, I have learned this week to stop over-thinking everything and just do what works! Will my great grandkids honestly care that I didn’t buy paper scrapbooking supplies and add real metal brads to everything? No. Do what you like, what you enjoy, what you have the time for. As long as you’re doing it.

I may need to keep repeating my new “stop over-thinking everything and just do what works!” mantra many, many times over the next few weeks. Months. Jeez I hope I don’t feel this conflicted for the entire year…

I know people are going to ask about those awesome fingerpaint alphas I used so I will do you a favor and link you right now: CLICK ME!

For the lost tooth bits (toothpaste word art, tooth sticker), CLICK ME!

I used my own journaling cards (CLICK ME!) mixed with some of these (CLICK ME!)

Rainbow notepaper came from right here: CLICK ME!

Week 2, left side:

Week 2, right side:

Second week side by side:

Loving my weekly results! Now if only I could speed up the time it takes for me to receive my prints and put these into the start of a pretty awesome album…

Since I am a wee bit late choosing a winner from my giveaway earlier last week, I am going to post two:

Congrats ladies! You are each getting both packs of my new Designer Journal Cards! Shoot me an e-mail to claim ’em:

Enjoy the rest of this long weekend!





6 responses to “second week, done! | project life”

  1. Vicky Avatar

    Wow!!You’re layouts are amazing!!
    I really like the white month overlays,fonts,templates?I’m not sure what they are but I would like to purchase them.Can you please tell me where I can find them?

  2. Vicky Avatar

    I love your 52 week project!Can you please help me out.I would like to purchase the white months,I don’t know what they are?Overlays,fonts,templates?Can you help out?Thanks.

  3. Susie Avatar

    Your PL pages are coming out great. Did I mention that I am going digital and adding some PL protector sheets for the kids artwork and random tidbits I wnnt to keep. I picked up the PL digital templates. I am loving the process. For me it much wasier to do right now. I do not have much time so i need to keep things simple. I picked up your two sets of cards and love them. Keep on creating I need all the help I can get. BTW the picture of Gracie putting on make up is priceless. I will repeat my self a 1000 times your Dom takes me back to my Evan each time I see him.

  4. Jennifer Woodbury Avatar

    Darn it… you are almost convincing me to go digital this year. Aaaaggghhhh!!! Love your pages. :)

    1. Gina Avatar

      Ok wow. I was not expecting to almost convert you! LOL! Should I push harder or wait until 2013? ;)

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