buddy the elf strikes again | vol. 3

I have a few more Buddy the Elf shots to share and wanted to do that now in case you needed some ideas over the weekend. I have even started an elf magic category so all of Buddy’s adventures will stay in one tidy place on the Blog.

As the pictures below will lay out for you in a colorful display of visual proof…

…I think Christmas might be bringing out my inner crazy.

The kids woke one morning recently to find that Buddy had gotten into our candy bowl. Upon closer inspection, we see that Buddy favors Kit Kats and peanut M&Ms. The M&Ms you can have mister but lay off my Kit Kats!

On this particular day, Buddy left behind a note that said:

“Sorry friends. I just thought you needed some minor accessories”.

Oh you know what would have been funny? If he drew some hair on my husband’s head.

Or not.

But really. It would be. The kids would die laughing.

Then there was the time that Buddy left a trail of marshmallows all along the kitchen counter leading to the fridge. What did we find inside?

An arctic elf of course!

You should wear fur more often Buddy. It looks great on you.

Really. How fancy is his updated Christmas hat? He probably could have went with a color other than pink, but when you’re working with Barbie’s wardrobe, you take what you can get.

I should mention that the kids wanted to eat some of the marshmallows which were cold and hardening. They proclaimed them the coolest treat ever so the next morning, Buddy left a note:

“Gee willikers. I was so cold spending all day in the fridge yesterday friends! I see you discovered my tasty North Pole treat: ice cold marshmallows!”

This morning, we woke to find Buddy sweatin’ the the oldies on the living room windowsill.

“Hey friends. Lets work out!”

Buddy did something a little different in his note this morning and the kids got a big kick out of it.

“Hi friends. I see you’ve found me. Holy snowballs – this is one heavy weight! Imagine the muscles I will have if I keep this up!

The elves are putting the final touches on a few of your gifts this weekend. Can you guess what they are?


Emily: _ O _ S _ E _   H _ _ H   D _ L L

Andrew:  _ L A _ _   P _ _ R L

Gracie: K _ _   _ U I _ A _

They were so excited to find that and fill in the blanks!

And no I am not helping you with a word puzzle designed for kids ages 8 and under. Fill it in yourself!

Have an awesome weekend!







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