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Yesterday kicked-off a weekend filled with cake smashes! Four smashes in four days. I was so bombarded with Christmas mini sessions the past 6 or so weeks that I’ve been looking forward to playing with cake. :)

Fun fact #1: Three of the four smashees are little guys and gals I photographed at birth last year. Aw.

This little guy came to visit me yesterday to get the birthday sessions going. As a treat for his Mom & Dad, his Aunt & Grandma brought Brian over for the shoot (but I did make sure I had permission to share the shots. Don’t want to go ruining any surprises now…!) Brian was a cutie. He wasn’t 100% sure about the cake. He would stop to eat some and then smash his feet down into it in an effort to kick it away. Eat more. Repeat.

Fun fact #2: Brian’s Dad is a fireman, hence his red suspenders. LOVE them! In fact, I just love this entire color combo of dark gray, yellow and red. I think it photographed really well.

Happy 1st birthday Brian! Enjoy these picture H family. :)

I couldn’t resist putting together two storyboards last night. This first one is a 20×20. Photographers: find the commercial use template HERE.

This board is modified from THIS. The one you see below is designed to print 20×10. I should really package up the shortened version huh? I’ve been doing a lot of those with the birthday child’s name lately.

Have a sweet weekend!






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  1. Kelly Hickey Avatar
    Kelly Hickey

    Our son looks adorable! Thanks so much! :)

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