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You may remember my post from last year introducing our Christmas elf, Buddy. Please read that entry if you want the basic logistics of housing a Christmas elf. I don’t want to be the girl who repeats herself.

This year, Buddy came back to visit a bit earlier than usual. In our house, Buddy cannot come back to visit until our Christmas tree is up. After all, it’s got to feel a little bit like the North Pole to make Buddy feel at home! The kids begged us two weeks ago to put up the tree and even though my husband fought tooth and nail to not have to drag down the tree boxes before Thanksgiving, the other 4 Millers eventually won. “Do it for the kids, man!” <- I may have actually said those exact words. Right for the heartstrings.

So this year, instead of going through the basics on Buddy again, I thought I would try to take as many pictures as possible of his silly adventures and document them on my Blog. This is our 5th year with a Christmas elf. I’ve come up with lots of fun ideas and have borrowed others that I’ve found on the web that are equally as fun. If we all continue to share and inspire others, felty little elves will eventually rule the land! …or something like that.

Usually Buddy arrives in a sleigh in some grand fashion. One year he crashed into our glass front door. I made sure he brushed up on his driving skills before attempting that stunt twice. This year since our tree went up so suddenly, he arrived that night after the kids were fast asleep. Easiest elf entrance to date. I asked the kids how they knew that Buddy had in fact arrived. They said they got up and looked for the sugar mess in the kitchen. Naturally. Why wouldn’t your elf come to visit and sprinkle sugar on your counters?

The 2nd morning everyone woke to find Buddy in the shower.

“I’m baaaaack…!”

Make yourself right at home Buddy.

This year, Buddy has tried a few new things. He’s tried his hand at cooking which didn’t go over too well. The pasta tastes better boiled Buddy.

He had a sock fight with a bunch of sock monkeys…

Personally, I think if he’s going to throw socks around my living room in the middle of the night, he should clean them up the following day but he’s not seeing it like that.

It appears that Buddy has taken a special interest in the ladies this year and he’s not even particular as far as them being blond or brunette. I am not sure I approve.

Grace was very concerned and double-checked to make sure that Buddy was wearing his seatbelt.

On Thanksgiving, everyone else was in the kitchen so why not Buddy? Only he wasn’t preparing a turkey. Rather, he was preparing a dish with his favorite ingredient as the star: sugar! There were actually mini marshmallows in his perfectly polished frying pan too but little hands picked at & ate those before the camera came out.

I’ve got to point out one very helpful tip, especially if you are Mom to girls: take advantage of Barbie’s stuff. Her clothes, her furniture, heck even her. It’s perfectly sized for your elf and makes his hiding spots lots of fun.

If I don’t get a chance to snap a picture with my “real” camera, I’ve been taking them with my iPhone just to have a more detailed record of Buddy’s misadventures. This is one of my favorite shots so far this year.

Do you spot our knight in felted pant suit riding off into the sunset? I was trying to put a cowboy hat from Andrew’s Jesse doll on him but it was too top heavy.

Note to self: must still rethink that cowboy on reindeer plan…

We’ve caught Buddy hiding amongst some Christmas friends.

He’s even traveled to Grandma & Grandpa’s house a whopping 2 minutes away and joined the kids for a sleepover. That was something new and the kids were really surprised to see that Buddy had found them.

Buddy leaves notes too. He types them of course because he’s very tech-savvy like that. We think he may have his very own MAC at the North Pole but we can’t be certain.

He doesn’t leave a note every night, but if the kids write to him he will write back. In fact, this year Emily started a really cute mailbox on the back of our front door. She drew a red flag and attached it to an envelope. If they want to write to Buddy, the notes go in there. He answers back and leaves the note in the kitchen where his sugar mess is. Here’s a sample note from the morning after the sleepover:


Was that a magnificent trick or what?! Were you surprised to see me at your sleepover? I told you I am ALWAYS watching.

p.s. Holy candy canes – that is one big dog that lives in that house!


(The dog Buddy is referring to is my brother’s Goldendoodle which is roughly the size of oh, a small horse. Can you imagine if she got a hold of Buddy? That could have been a Christmas tradition gone South *real* fast…)

Sometimes the notes are more educational as the kids start to question Buddy’s magic…

Dear Buddy,

Why don’t you talk to us? Wouldn’t that be easier? I can’t wait til night.


Dearest Emily,

I am not allowed to talk to you, remember? Those are Santa’s orders and part of my magic. I almost slipped and answered your question yesterday but then I remembered Santa’s rules and was afraid he wouldn’t send me to your house anymore if I didn’t listen.

Sorry about my hiding place this morning (shower). I really needed some freshening up though.


Did anyone catch the half hour Elf On The Shelf Christmas movie that aired on CBS last night? It was adorable! I would definitely recommend trying to catch it at a later air date. It followed the website/book perfectly so if you follow along with this particular elf tradition, everything matched what you’ve most likely already told your kids (i.e. why your elf won’t fly and show you his magic in front of you, why you shouldn’t touch him, etc). Very sweet little Christmas flick that the kids and I enjoyed.

Do you have a Christmas elf? Has he or she come to visit yet? Feel free to link everyone to your Blog where we can read about more elf adventures. After I get another batch of Buddy’s crazy antics photographed, I’ll be sure to share again.

Have a great weekend!







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  1. Kirsty Avatar

    I always love seeing what your Buddy gets up to each year, I have been following along for nearly the whole past 5 years now! I love the sock fight and can just see our elf doing that! I have been blogging about our elf and here is the latest when he arrived — http://mummytofive.com/2011/11/new-christmas-tradition-book-presents-style/

  2. Regina Avatar

    Gina, you are so freakin’ funny. We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year with my family but you take it to a whole new level. Love it :) Lovely pictures and so creative :) Thanks for sharing! You gave me some ideas for sure.

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