30 day photo challenge | part 6 of 6

I did it! I completed my 30 day gratitude project with only a few minor cheats. ;) A few times I used a Nikon pic instead of one taken with my iPhone (all pics were processed with Instagram though). And on 28 of the 30 days, I followed the exact prompts. Two prompts I changed and both were this last week. I changed the “transportation” prompt to “friends” because well, transportation meant little to me as far as this project goes.  And today should be a self portrait but again, this is a series of images of things I am grateful for and posting a photo of myself seemed weird. =P I really wanted to end with a photo of family and the most recent I had was one taken by Sarah Cornish during my My Four Hens photo shoot in Connecticut a few weeks ago. So yeah, I reallllly pushed the limits on photo 30 of 30 but, it was the perfect way to end this project. :)

Day 26: Friends

My friend and I took our kids to the movies to see Arthur Christmas. It was really funny!

Day 27: Daily Routine

Of course, Buddy the Elf is a major part of our daily routine around here for the holidays! On this particular day, the kids found him buried in the candy bowl. It appears that Buddy favors Kit Kats. Smart elf.

Day 28: Nighttime

I was looking outside my living room window and saw this magnificent sky as the sun was setting. I even caught a plane flying past.

Day 29: Lights

My husband hung the Christmas lights during the day and then my Dad helped him finish them off at night. I was teaching Andrew how to take a night time photo that was unfocused, thus creating some awesome Christmas light bokeh!

Day 30: Family

“Dear God, Thank you for giving me everything I prayed for as a little girl. -Gina”

Once again, credit for the above photo (which I then Instagrammed a bit!) goes to My Four Hens photography. Love it!

Here are all 30 of my daily shots together!

Thanks for following along with my 30 day photo project!

And in keeping with the gratitude theme and wrapping-up the month of November, here’s a new layout I finished last night.

Prayer For My Children

Credits can be found in either my LilyPad or 2Peas gallery.

Now to decide how I am going to document December!

Have a wonderful day!




3 responses to “30 day photo challenge | part 6 of 6”

  1. Susie Avatar

    Great job Gina! If you find any cool ideas for December please share.

  2. Kimmy Jaster Avatar
    Kimmy Jaster

    Lovely photos ! So inspiring!

  3. Debra Avatar

    Fantastic follow-through G! You’re going to put that last family photo on canvas right? Riiiiight?! ;)

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