30 day photo challenge | part 3 of 6

Playing catch-up before we leave for an out-of-town-wedding in Pennsylvania. In case you missed my earlier posts, part one is HERE and part two is HERE.

Day 11: Something Old

Quite literally, something very old! My Grandma, age 92. :)

Day 12: Hands

I am so, so, so thankful for my job and all of the people I get to photograph and meet. I am extra-thankful that people trust me to capture their babies at just days old.

Day 13: Written Words

I have this thing about saving my Grandma’s cards just in case I don’t get to see her signature for much longer (morbid thought, but truthful). I may throw away an old card if a new one comes. This was my birthday card from her this year.

Day 14: Movement

My friend Robyn came over with her son today and brought Grace an adorable tutu, legwarmer and glittery wing set. Grace lived in the wings for the rest of the day. It was easy to get a picture of movement today, with all of the twirling she was doing throughout the house.

Day 15: Technology

I’m an Apple geek. I love my MAC, my iPhone, our iPods… What would I do without all of this awesomeness to play with each and every day?! Oh and I love Santa’s sneaky little face in the corner of the picture.

Please remember that my calendar is completely booked for the remainder of the year (I only mention this now because I am still getting daily requests for Christmas pictures and it’s so hard to turn people away, but it’s a must at this point). If you need to reach me to inquire about a future session, you can use the contact form HERE. Just remember that I am out-of-town this weekend so I won’t be returning e-mails until Monday at the earliest.

Happy weekend! What are YOU thankful for these last few days?






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