30 day photo challenge | part 2 of 6

If you missed installment one, you can find my photos HERE.

Day 6: Books

These are some of the books stacked on my night table. I bought Water For Elephants at least 8 months ago but didn’t get around to starting it until recently. I’ve read about 1/3 so far and then cheated and watched the movie.

Day 7: Something Funny

When I run, I always, always, always carry Chapstick with me in the pouch of my water bottle. I have to have smooth lips. I was heading into mile 6 today and looking for a quick re-apply when I opened my zippered pouch and found …a bottle of perfume from Justice! One guess at who was playing with her sister’s perfume and my running gear.

Day 8: Favorite Color

Pink, of course! Today was my birthday actually. I treated myself to a Banana Berry smoothie with whey protein after my 5 mile run.

Day 9: Inspiring Person

I can think of many people who could be showcased here but for today, I chose my husband. Not everyone could do what he does. :)

Day 10: Nature

So many colors on the trees, so little time left. The leaves are falling every second and branches are becoming bare. I took this shot during a run.






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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    I just love these posts!! You have been so inspiring to me for many years of reading your blog posts!

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