dylan, nearly 2 | long island childrens photographer

Dylan came to visit me a few weeks ago for some ‘just because’ photos. I love ‘just because’ photos because we can sort of do whatever we want. :) He is so gorgeous! Those eyes…! And his Mom was awesome too! I hope they’ll come visit me again in the future. ;)

A future Prom King, I’m sure…

Love these fun camera ones on the brick wall! Dylan wanted to play with his Mom’s camera which made for a few fun shots. Then he very smoothly tried to show me the camera… and swap it out for my own! I don’t think so Buddy. ;)

Interested in your own ‘just because’ studio session? E-mail me to find out the details! Right now my current availability for studio sessions begins in late-January / early-February.

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  1. Debra Avatar

    Gina! I know I say this every.single.time. but these are just exceptional! Seriously. Just awesome. Wow. (I’ll stop now) ;)

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