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You may remember my post on Halloween BOOing last year. Of course, we continued with one of our very favorite non-spooky traditions. 5th year and counting… This is something we look forward to each October!

I picked up some orange and black gift bags from Target this year. In fact, all of our BOO supplies came from Target, aside from my digital kit. I was originally going to try something different and bake this year but baking for 6 recipients just wasn’t happening so it was purchase goodies or nothing. We opted for purchasing and getting our bags delivered the week before Halloween this year. If you want to get in on the action, there is still time! Once we had our supplies purchased, it took maybe 20 minutes to assemble our bags, and that included printing off poems and BOO signs. You can do this later today, tomorrow or even on Halloween!

Here’s what you need:

gift bags
goodies to fill your bags
my BOOing kit, of course!
printer with colored ink
cute kids to deliver the bags!

I let each kid pick two friends. Each bag contained Halloween-themed Fruit By The Foot, bags of chips / cookies, mini granola bars (all in the Halloween aisles of Target), a few pieces of candy, a squishy spider and a glow-in-the-dark bat. If there were 3 kids in the house, they got three bags of chips, three granola bars, etc. We included a BOO sign for the recipient to hang on their front window and stapled a cute poem to the front of each bag. Handy tip: I put a small initial on the back of each poem so we would know which bag went to what house as we were driving around.

Then it’s time to pile into the car and drive around for some fun! Time to teach your kids the fine art of ringing and running.  Every year we have a funny story about getting caught. This year, Emily and Andrew both got away with two successful drops each. Grace is at the age where we all need to get out of the car and help her to the house. We got caught but it made for a fun story (even if we did appear to be a bunch of creepers hiding in the neighbor’s bushes…)

I always love seeing the sheer determination on the kids’ faces as they drop a bag, knock on the door and BOLT back to the waiting car. Good times.

Want to play along?

I am giving away a small coupon in case you want to pick up my printable You’ve Been BOOed! kit. <–click for the shop!

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Have a fun, festive weekend!


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  1. Shannon B. Avatar
    Shannon B.

    LOL Grace isn’t so much “bolting” as she is just standing there and looking cute.

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