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In case you didn’t see my message on Facebook, I am just passing the word that my photography calendar is completely booked for the remainder of 2011 with the exception of a few weekday slots open for newborns and cake smashes. This makes me both happy and a bit sad. Happy because busy is good. Sad because many people wait until too late to schedule their family photos and then I have to say no, something I really don’t like to do. I have a strict rule for myself and I follow it each year: aside from newborns, I do not shoot in December. Christmas is a very special, important time for me and my family and I plan lots of activities for my kids. They will only be little once, and I can’t trade in the weekends of crafting and baking and visiting Santa for photographs. This is one reason I book so quickly. I try to get my package info out there in the middle of August so next year, please make sure you book early! By time September 1st rolls around, 3/4 of my holiday calendar is gone. As always, thank you for your continued support, bookings, referrals and friendship!

Now about those smashes…

August saw an influx of cake smashes here in my home. Fun! I always feel so guilty when I don’t get a chance to Blog each session at length but there comes a time when they start stacking on top of each other, I have some personal photos I want to share, and a session or two falls between the cracks. It bothers me because I want to share ALL of my cute clients here with you. :)  I thought I would share a picture or two from each smash that I’ve photographed in the past 6 weeks and that will hopefully bring me to date as far as Blogging sessions goes. Everyone deserves a chance in the spotlight.

WARNING: You may experience sweetness overload after scrolling through the following images!

This is Kate. Kate’s Mom is an art teacher and you could totally tell that this kid must play with paint and get messy often. She loved her cake and at one point, picked the entire thing up and tried to walk off with it!

Next up we have Liana. Liana was actually the recipient of my Cake Smash Giveaway. So glad I got to meet her!

Then we have Austin. What a doll! Moms of boys take note: the overall look was really adorable and I think it photographed perfectly!

And lastly, beautiful Brenna. Love my firefighter babies. :)

And that brings me semi up-to-date. I will inevitably fall behind again this Fall with the overload of shoots but my primary concern is editing your photos, posting at least a peek on Facebook and making sure I get your images to you in a timely manner. If ever you are not featured on the Blog, pretty please do not take it personally. There’s only so much these little fingers can type!

I did four shoots this week: two newborns, a nearly two year old boy and a family on the lake. Lets see if I can get some of those sessions posted soon!

Hope you’re having a good weekend!



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