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Riley was an extra-special cake smash because of this fun fact: she was also the first newborn that I photographed after launching my photog business last year! Not my first newborn ever mind you, but the first since I started this Blog, created some business cards and opened myself up to actual clients. :) I can’t believe how fast a year has gone! Newborns and cake smashes are my very favorites to photograph. I keep my fingers crossed that if everything goes well during that first shoot, I’ll get to see the child again for their first birthday.

Happiest of birthdays to you Riley! I can’t wait for our holiday shoot in a few more weeks. :)

Riley was not crazy about her cake. Not at all. We had tons of tears and a cake smash first: she actually tried to gag some cake back out right in front of my camera. LOL! Like I always assure Mom and Dad though, it was completely fine and totally normal. Not every child enjoys their cake smash. In fact, maybe only 2 out of 10 little clients actually eat the cake. Another 4 or 5 are ok sitting and playing with it for a few. And then the other 3 or 4 just cry. And I can work with that. Promise! I am pretty good at ‘faking’ the set of photos if I have to. ;) Meaning, I can arrange a nice set of shots anyway between the first impression & the frosting-covered close-ups. All I need is one itty bitty smile and I am happy. And luckily, I always get at least one.

See? She’s happy! I have a bunch of cake smash tricks up my sleeve. ;)

19×10 storyboard. Love these colors!

(Fellow photogs: If you’re interested in creating something similar for your clients, it’s this board, modified).

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  1. Debra Avatar

    What a doll! What a personality! :)

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