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Hi everyone! The other day, I sat in Starbucks and reworked my packages to better fit the growth my business has seen this past year. :) I realized charging the same price for sessions done in my home studio as well as ones I traveled to (Especially newborns. Newborn sessions = lots of prop-toting!) didn’t make much sense and a small change was in order. I’ll be slowly updating my package info on the Blog. For now, I have the newborn package reworked. Every single newborn I’ve photographed since May has come to my home. I always try to explain to Mom that it works out better for them in the long run since I use backdrops and floordrops here, items I do not travel with. So if you want shots using larger props with assorted wallpapers and flooring, you’ll want to come here. Bonus: the package is actually cheaper because I don’t need to factor in travel time or the time spent loading my gear into and back out of the car. And of course, I completely understand if it’s easier for the photographer to come to you, hence the options. :)

Anyway, I thought I would share the updated newborn info tonight as well as a sneak peek of a session I did here this past Friday. This little munchkin was such a doll! She slept the whole time and was so easy to move in and out of poses. Love that! I have another newborn baby girl tomorrow and I’m thinking of incorporating some pumpkins with my handmade pumpkin hat. :)

Here’s a peek at super-sweet, super-sleepy Charlotte | 8 days new.

And some updated newborn session info:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have booked a newborn session with me and are on my calendar, these new prices do not apply to you. :)

Ok I’m off to watch Dancing With The Stars with my kids. It’s our Monday / Tuesday night “thing”. Have a great week!



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