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After taking months off, I am back on Pinterest and pinning stuff like crazy this past week. So fun keeping up with your friends, their pins and all of the awesome ideas out there.  If you click here you’ll see my pinboards. I probably find my fitness board most inspiring. Pinning all of these awesome Nike posters and running quotes really keeps me motivated to get out and hit the pavement. I also love gathering ideas for crafts for the kids, myself and holiday gifts. Here’s a Christmas board I started a few days ago to keep track of projects I want to get to this holiday season and here’s a Halloween board.  Like I told my husband (who keeps catching me pinning stuff when I tell him I’m working), keeping a style board is both fun and much cheaper than going shopping for the actual outfits (although that would be nice too).  :)

psst: If you are not on Pinterest and would like an invite, leave a comment here and I’ll send you one! I warn you: you’ll waste a good portion of your computer time pinning though.  /disclaimer

The point of this entry today is to share my new print that I worked on the other day. One of my very favorite boards is my beautiful words board. Usually they are amazing quotes or phrases, sometimes with lots of color and more often than not, there’s cool typography involved. I was ordering a few photo prints for some clients the other day and realized I could totally make myself a board and order it in virtually any size through my lab. I could even have it matted on thin canvas if I wanted. I decided to keep it simple this time and recreated one of my favorite pins on an 11×14 canvas so I could easily frame it. I was originally creating it on a white canvas with colored text and then thought I would do something a little more bold and fun because well, the Millers are just that. :) I went with this pretty, deep orangey yellow. I plan on hanging our new set of FAMILY RULES right in the living room over our new espresso-colored bookcase. We have light mocha-colored walls and a mix of deep brown and country white furniture in the living room. I think the yellow will really stand out yet compliment the room as a whole. I can’t wait to see it hanging and framed in a few days! Then I’ll get to work on this.

I wanted to share this board in some way but I can’t in good conscience sell it since I didn’t come up with the original wording (although I did add the sibling line because well, that’s kind of important!) So if you would like to perhaps win a copy of these FAMILY RULES, leave a comment in this entry (please mention if you are entering yourself into the drawing, just want a Pinterest invite or both). I’ll send the 11×14 .jpg file right through e-mail to a lucky winner (or maybe two). Deadline to leave your comment is 9pm EST tomorrow (Thursday) night. I won’t change fonts or wording but if you want a color different from the yellow, I may change it for you. ;)

Have a great day!


12 responses to “family rules in print”

  1. Heather M Avatar

    I know! I have made SO many typography prints and crafts this past month from Pinterest not to mention food!! I swear on it! I’m not entering any of the above since I’m already on Pinterest and I will allow a non-photoshop-capable person to win this very cool print :)

  2. Alee Avatar

    love it! Great idea and so cute!

  3. Kresta Avatar

    Have seen so many things like this on Pinterest and LOVE them all! This is great and would look great hanging in your/my home! :)

  4. Laurel Avatar

    We’re buying a new home, and I know just where I’d put this :)

  5. Chris Avatar

    Love it! Could I get a pinterest invite?

  6. Nicole Avatar

    I would love a copy of these rules! Every one is a good reminder

  7. Bianka Avatar

    Lokks soo great and it´s perfect ?

  8. Tanisha Avatar

    I love it! I have been inspired by some of your fitness pins, so thanks! :) Would love to be entered into the draw!

  9. Rebecca Scott Avatar
    Rebecca Scott

    Love the typography on Pinterest! Would be great if you could send me an invite! Thanks!

  10. Sarah Davis Avatar
    Sarah Davis

    You know Gina, I really am, and always have been inspired by you. Your blog really helps light a path for me when I want to start feeling creative again. I am excited at how well you are doing with your photography, while I’d LOVE to be able to do all that you do @ home or on location, I’ve taken the paycheck route and work for the national company of Lifetouch. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I’m one of their Preschool Photographers, but sometimes it gets cookie cutter and the hours I work are nightmarish (to an extent)… at the end of the week I feel blah. I’m glad I caught a glimpse of your blog today though! Anyway sorry for the rambles, but thanks for the constant inspiration!

  11. Sarah Davis Avatar
    Sarah Davis

    lol i’m sorry gina, but i saw you moderate comments so i’m going to ask, lol…can you tell me what image location that picture on my comment is from… i sooooo need to change it!! that’s 2+ years and 30 pounds old! lol. thanks!

  12. Jennifer Avatar

    I love your photos especially your fall photos are my favorite every year. The one of Emily in a skirt last year is one of my all time favorite photos ever! I’d love to follow you on Pinterest if you’d send me an invite. Thanks!

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