craftiness & a long weekend

This entry is my way of A- notifying clients (both current and potential ~ hi!) that I am away and not returning e-mails or inquiries until Monday August 15th and B- showing you the Miller family’s inner hippie.

Fun huh? I am not sure how this happened exactly. All I know is that last Father’s Day, the kids made some tie dyed shirts for Dad, Grandpa and themselves and this year, we decided we all needed tie dye to wear to the lake this weekend. Wait. I amend that. Four of us decided that we needed tie dye to wear to the lake this weekend and one *coughcoughVincecoughcough* really had no say in the matter. He usually wears his tie dye to bed. I am wondering if he’ll make a public appearance in it this weekend. I’ll try to get some photographic proof if the answer is yes.

We love this tie dye kit. We tried some new techniques with this round of tie dyeing. Instead of just the usual spiraling the shirt and then rubber-banding the circle into “pie-shaped wedges” (Andrew and Grace’s shirts to the far left), we tried striping (mine and Vin’s) and Emily tried bunching, which I think came out the coolest (featured far-right). My girls also made socks which came out cute. Andrew’s dye washed right out of his so I guess check the cotton blend before hand. His socks were super-duper soft and probably sweat proof or some other boy gizmo like that.

I’ve also been crocheting lots of itty bitty baby hats the past few days. I finally got some time to photograph one of them today. I love it! I title this “Little Apple Hat” or an “I Am Just Itching For Fall!” project.

I have some other hats done (cream & brown bear, pink and purple pompom) and others in the works (cupcake and harvest pumpkin). I organized my binder of patterns last night and packed a few skeins of yarn, so I am hoping to do a little crocheting at the lake this weekend while my kids are asleep at night.

p.s. Here’s an entry I shared earlier this year that you may find useful if you wish to learn how to crochet.






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