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Since returning home from the house of mouse, I’ve been busy scrapbooking our vacation. Can I just tell you how much fun I am having? (And how very little sleep I am getting, staying up until 2am scrapping my ideas…) I am pretty sure in the 8 years I’ve been scrapping, I have never, ever completed an entire themed album. I am so happy to get these pages printed and into a book for my kids to enjoy. I’ll be sharing them here soon.

Since we’re still in Disney mode over here, my brother brought over a handful of pictures from when my own family used to vacation there in the 80’s. We would go every Spring. I was most excited to see some of the character pictures. You wouldn’t believe how much Winnie the Pooh has changed (for the better might I add).

I present to you something I like to call Retro-Style Disney World -or- Disney In The 80’s Complete With Weird 80’s Fashions -or- Those Gabbola Boys, My How They Coordinate. You pick.

An alternate title could be Gina Takes On Disney World Rocking The Socks + Sandals Look. Thank you Mom, for accentuating my already large feet at the ripe old age of 6.

May 1987. Disney World. Orlando, Florida

My kids were appalled at Pooh. “But Ma, WHY does he look like that?!” Growth spurt kids. Growth spurt.

Something neat in the above picture: I was 6 1/2 which is the exact same age that Andrew was for this past trip.

I really love this picture posted below. Well, aside from the sandals now paired with contrasting socks. But Snow White and Dopey still look the exact same. We are still in 1987 here.

We also got to meet Pinocchio on this trip. And again, I am sporting socks with sandals only this time, the socks have a thick maroon band across the ankles just so you can’t miss ’em. May 1987.

That’s Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother in the hooded blue outfit. My kids took a picture with her last year. She still wears the same outfit.

White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. If you take a look at him just last week, you’ll notice his face is covered in more fur and he lost the ginormous clown collar. He doesn’t seem to wear a pocket watch around his neck anymore like he did in the 80’s. May 1987.

Moving into the following year here… Tigger looks the exact same.  June 1988.

What kind of retro scrapbook would this be without a shot of Mickey Mouse himself? June 1988. I remember this outfit of mine. I remember thinking it was kind of ugly. I still kind of think that.

When looking at this one, I actually smiled and said to my brother, “Aww… wait. Who is this?” LOL! I sort of forgot all about Robin Hood. My kids had NO CLUE who this was! We took a picture with Friar Tuck this same day as well. This was in April 1989. I was 8 1/2.

Another shot from April 1989. I am not sure what Pluto is wearing but I do like how my brothers coordinate with him perfectly. I stick out like a sore thumb.

Those round out the first edition of Retro Disney. More to hopefully come once I get a chance to go through my Mom’s photo boxes.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!






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  1. Brandi Avatar

    Ok, First of all, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BEEN TO WDW?!! Secondly, I absolutely love, love, love all of them. Thirdly, your mom or dad whoever took the photos did such a better job than my parents would have. And lastly, I feel so old…. I was in Jr. High – high school those years. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them!

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