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I decided to try something different this year as far as vacation scrapping goes. I usually create a few layouts here and there in the months after our vacation but I am pretty sure that I have never once created a complete themed vacation album (or any themed album for that matter) in all of my years of scrapbooking. My kids LOVE looking through old photographs. I am the Queen of photographs yet, I rarely print them to put into albums. Terrible! (I’ve been doing a few new things to correct this though, ideas which I’ll share in the future). After this trip, I printed all 200+ pictures and put them in a simple 2-up 4×6 album with a pretty royal blue cover that says ‘memories’ on it. I don’t really care if the photo sleeves tear or fingerprints end up on the pages. I am just happy to have the photos saved and within easy reach of my children.

I knew I would need some simple, clean-looking templates to scrap my Disney memories. Enter Cathy Zielske. Her templates were perfect and so easy to tweak (I did lots of that). In about a week, I had a complete 8×8 album scrapped, printed and in a black fabric album for all to see.

Here are the layouts. I never, ever scrap side-by-side spreads but I thought it worked here. If I liked a template and thought it should be used on facing pages, I just swapped stuff around until I created a mirror image. Oh and I purchased a bunch of Disney scrapbook stickers at AC Moore, scanned them into my computer and cleaned them up for the digital pages.

The only thing not show here is the final page which was an 8×8 of the castle. I am showing the pages individually so you can see more detail and then the entire album as a whole.

Whew! With the front and back covers, the scrapbook is 24 pages long! Anyone who knows me knows that these clean & simple pages aren’t my usual style, but I think they’re perfect for creating a memory book that showcases photographs AND records the memories.

Here are all of the pages as spreads (minus covers).

A few handy links:

Cathy Zielske templates can be found here. I knew I wanted solid, non-distracting background papers but not just paint bucket colors. I wanted some texture. I used all of my own solids, which can be found in my various kits here. Medical doodles for Grace’s gray pages are by Kate Hadfield. The felt chef hat is by Kaye Winiecki. A good Disney font can be found here. All of my journaling is done in Century Gothic. If you go to your local scrapbook/craft store, you can find Disney stickers. Since they aren’t available digitally, I would scan them into my MAC and clean them up. A little Mickey here and there really makes the page.

Thanks for peeking in on our Disney World 2011 vacation memories!







6 responses to “disney world vacation scrapbook”

  1. Jennifer Woodbury Avatar

    This album is so awesome Gina. I am thoroughly impressed!!

  2. Tiff Avatar

    This is beautiful and it looks like so much fun! I love Disney!

  3. denali Avatar

    Gina. I bow to the greatness of YOU. Brilliant, in every way. It’s vivid but not crazy, beautifully detailed but perfectly spaced, your journaling is superb, your embellishments cleverly done and accent your album wonderfully (please, that Mickey on Grace’s illness page? OMG!), and your titles are deliciously subtle but still colorful. Don’t laugh – I think I actually cheered aloud when I saw how you’d done “our arrival” and “dinner & magic.” I freakin’ LOVE this.

    I actually saw this the day you posted, but my internet went down just after this page loaded (hooray for happening AFTER!) and I spent the subsequent two hours fighting with AT&T to get it back. Ugh. So I had to come back today to comment :)

    I spent a chunk of time in July trying to put together an album myself so I have *extra* respect for this ridiculously awesome book of yours.

    Criminy. You’re GOOD.

  4. denali Avatar

    Did I gush too much? *LOL* Sorry, couldn’t help it!

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