on vacation

We booked this trip nearly 3 months ago and we told our kids about it at 2pm today. It was pretty funny. The adults were so excited about “the big reveal”. Along with Vin and myself, my parents and both of my brothers showed up. I told the kids they were getting a BIG treat this weekend so I figured the extra people plus video cameras rolling wouldn’t be a problem. And they weren’t. Only thing is, this home video is not making it onto a Disney commercial any time soon. It was totally not as exciting as we thought it would be. It’s pretty funny to watch now actually. The kids know we plan to go again next Spring so when they read the sign that was attached to a Mickey balloon, Andrew said “Yeah, in March.” I screamed “NO, TOMORROW!” and then I am pretty sure I told them to jump up and down. LOL! It honestly took a good 15-20 minutes for the whole idea to sink in. Then they started smiling, giving us hugs and racing to pack their carry-ons. They are super-excited now, two hours later. It’s totally sunk in. They have their bags packed, have started reading the new 2011 Birnbaum’s guide I picked up at Borders last night and organized their pin collections for some trading.

Don’t look for us for the next week. We’ll be running around with Mickey!

Note: I will be home and returning client e-mails/inquiries beginning on July 2nd.






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  1. Diane Enarson Avatar

    LOL!!! I KNOW!! I love how our kids don’t react sometimes to what we think we be like SOOO HUGE…lol! Or like you said, delay reactions. Typical! But OMG!! HOW FUN and EXCITING!! Can’t wait to see photos!! Have a great time!!!

  2. Andrea severin Avatar
    Andrea severin

    Have a wonderful trip…. I will need your notes when I become daring enough one day to take my trio

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