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Yesterday my oldest daughter got to celebrate her Summer birthday in school. I meant to write her teacher a note and ask when we could celebrate. In the past, she’s gotten her own day just like everyone else who has a birthday that falls between September and June. Wasn’t I surprised when she came home last week with a note that said to bring in fruit this week so all of the Summer birthdays could celebrate together. I didn’t mind so much that all of the Summer kids were celebrating together (about 8 total) but fruit? Really? No fun cupcakes or themed cookies? (Yes, our district does still allow us to send in homemade treats). I was going to have to get creative with fruit because I wasn’t sending in a container of grapes. I crave a bit more fun with my food than that.

Enter the strawberry shortcake. Miniaturized for each individual.

These were so simple to make. You need:

Jumbo-sized Reynolds Foil Baking Cups
approx. 2 pints of strawberries, chopped
a pound cake, angel food cake or those little dessert shells that we used
whipped cream

Yes, you could certainly bake your own cake from scratch and whip-up some homemade cream but these were for snack time at school for 24 8 year olds. It was all about ease my friends.

I cut each dessert shell (it’s basically a small sponge cake in case you’ve never seen them) into 9 cubes (we needed two packages so 18 shells total). I put approximately 4 cubes in each foil liner (held in place in a cupcake carrier). I put some chopped berries on top. And then I sent the whole carrier of 24 deconstructed cakes to school with a can of Reddi-Wip. So easy and a little bit more fun than your basic apple or banana. ;)

This is how I sent them in, partially assembled.

Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Happy, sunny day to you!




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  1. Diane Enarson Avatar

    Yum!!! I know what you’re saying about the ban on homemade stuff etc..Our destrict has that ban..but rebel that I am still continue to sneek in homemade cupcakes/cookies for my kids bday…b/c SERIOUSLY, who REALLY wants carrots and celery or “healthy” snacks for their bday? LOL! Thank Goodness our staff and principal turn a blind eye as long as I give them something something too…hahahha…but SHHHHH!!! Don’t tell! :)

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