to infinity & beyond! | custom cakes

One of my brother’s is an amazing cake decorator. Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look:

That’s his latest masterpiece made for a little boy’s 4th birthday. It’s about 8 homemade cakes, pounds of fondant, quarts of buttercream and hours upon hours of labor-intensive work. He made everything from scratch (yes, including Buzz!) I just thought I would share this one here because his work isn’t showcased enough!

Enjoy your weekend!






5 responses to “to infinity & beyond! | custom cakes”

  1. Melissa I Avatar
    Melissa I

    That is incredible! Wow!!!

  2. Helena Avatar

    Oh my goodness! That is amazing.

  3. donna Avatar

    unbelievable and I’ve seen it first hand! what a lucky little birthday boy!Enjoy– “To infinity and beyond”

  4. Joy Gross Avatar

    That is such an awesome Cake… he should have his own blog with those.. really he should be on TV :)

  5. Kirsty Avatar

    WOW That is unreal!

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