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I babysat my nephew today. Naturally, we had a photo session. Ever try to calm & pose a 5 month old, switch out backdrops 3 times, make sure your two year old doesn’t touch your camera as you’re tending to the subject, run back to the camera, make the subject smile, take the shot, hope he doesn’t fall over, yell at your two year old because she took a header off the stool acting like a monkey when you turned your head… Good times. Good times. :)

How cute is he?!

I am hoping by now that I don’t have to add a disclaimer to every baby foot shot I post. I’m obsessed.

I wanna bite him! And maybe I did. You’ll never know.

I wanted to do something lightly sport-themed for Dad (my brother). Unfortunately, my nephew is from a Yankee house and we are a Met house here so, a ball and glove was a crazy as it was gonna get.

Dominic has a Yankee-themed bedroom. I am thinking one of these needs to be blown up on canvas, yes?

Love you buddy!

Have a super weekend everyone!

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