{my heart, pt. 3} | long island childrens photographer

Or, the final chapter. :)

What is it about this picture that makes my heart feel like it’s crying? If I get a truly great shot, one that I feel really captures the sparkle in my kids’ eyes or is an instant freeze frame of their laughter, now frozen forever in time, my heart literally skips a beat. That happened with this picture as well as this one, thus they became their own Blog entries. That happened as I rifled through my batch of Emily pictures in Lightroom last night too, only I felt something else. It seems that every time I get used to this girl’s ever-maturing face, she goes and does it again. It’s something in the chin area this time (I hope I don’t sound crazy! LOL) I can see this gorgeous teenage girl behind her still-7 year old face and truthfully, it’s frightening. And kinda cool too I suppose.  Wrap-up those feelings and sprinkle them with bittersweet.

My first-born, my oldest, my middle-name-sharer and one of my very best friends. :) As beautiful as she comes across to you in this photograph, I can assure you her heart is just as beautiful. You will never meet a sweeter girl.

Have a beautiful day!






4 responses to “{my heart, pt. 3} | long island childrens photographer”

  1. Rocio Avatar

    Hi Gina! I really love Emily´s headband, where did you get it?

    1. Gina Avatar

      It’s actually homemade from a local girl by me.

  2. Debra Avatar

    Beautiful shot of a beautiful daughter Gina!

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