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Sorry. I couldn’t resist the egg pun in the title. :)

Last night after dinner, the five of us Millers dyed our Easter eggs. A few days prior, my husband made a passing comment about how he never dyes eggs. After some thinking, I am pretty sure he’s right. I don’t think he’s ever dyed eggs with us! I didn’t realize it was something he wanted to do so armed with this new knowledge,  I boiled nearly 3 dozen eggs and left them in the fridge until a time when we would all be home together.

Of course dyes get lined-up in rainbow order. :) Grace and Andrew were in charge of the glass cups. Vinny and Emily tried out a new egg spinner that my Mom picked up for us.

This picture speaks volumes and makes me happy we waited to dye eggs together.

The Miller family’s 2011 Easter egg basket.

These eggs were a craft project the kids worked on last year. Aren’t they pretty? I bought some of those brown pressed paper eggs and let them go crazy with paint and glitter. If you know me and the way that I craft, you know that I feel strongly about the fact that glitter makes everything better.

Another cute craft project from last year. We made half a dozen of these sock bunnies last year and gave away all but one to family. You just need a baby sock, rice to stuff it with, a cotton ball for the head, a miniature hair rubberband, ribbon to cover the wrapped rubberband, a pom pom nose, felt teeth and googly eyes. Oh and this guy has a cotton tail too. :)

Have a great afternoon!







2 responses to “easter egg-stravaganza | family time”

  1. Melissa I Avatar
    Melissa I

    So sweet! Emily looks so teenager-ish in that picture of her placing an egg on the table. And love the sock bunnies…I have a box of old baby socks in the basement!

  2. Diane Enarson Avatar

    So sweet. I Love your precious family. So glad Vin got to do eggs with you!!

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