10 things | x3

  1. I love that you are my only child to call me “Mama”.
  2. I love that you never just say I love you. You always say “I love you soooo much Mama” and cap it off with a squeeze.
  3. I love that when you left for a birthday party on Saturday evening, I said “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t be allowed to do at home.” I was thinking of stuff along the lines of not playing in the street, not jumping on furniture, etc. You waited a moment and then very seriously said “What if they have soda? Can I have some?”
  4. I love that you are so responsible. I can really ask you to do anything and know that it’s going to get done.
  5. I love that you are a little teacher’s pet and have earned more free homework tickets this year for making extra credit projects than I can count.
  6. I love that you make friends so easily and people seem drawn to you.
  7. I love that you are a total girly-girl …but can walk all over plenty of boys in the athletic department too.
  8. I love your sparkly eyes and big-girl smile.
  9. I love that you ask me a few mornings a week if I want a cup of coffee. I don’t think I’ve ever said okay, aside from the one watery cup you, your brother and sister made me on Mother’s Day last year. In fact, the next time you ask, I do believe I’ll say “Sure!”
  10. I love that you are my serious, studious, brilliant oldest daughter and a real asset to this family.

  1. I love that you love to get dressed up. Ties, button downs & jackets.
  2. I love that you are very concerned about my very mild purple grape allergy. Last week you got off the bus eating a lollipop and held it behind your head. “Mom, don’t come near me. IT’S GRAPE!” Last night you made a cookie pizza on your iTouch. “It’s a chocolate cookie with strawberry jam and gummi worms. I was going to use grape jam but then I remembered.”
  3. I love that you can build anything out of LEGOs.
  4. I love that you have a pair of gray & red striped boxers that you actually call your Christmas underwear.
  5. I love that you are the only kid in your class to have no stickers on your lost teeth chart …and you don’t really care.
  6. I love that you always go by Andrew but the one and only time you refer to yourself as Andy is when you are talking to Grace.
  7. I love that you share my love of 80’s movies, especially the Back to the Future trilogy.
  8. I love your imagination. You take action figures, LEGO men or even Barbies and act out scenes to 95% of the movies you watch.
  9. I love that you don’t have a mean-spirited bone in your body.
  10. I love that you are sensitive, sweet, good-natured, my only son and my built-in little man for life.

  1. I love that you think your play kitchen is fully functioning. You put your dirty cups in the sink, fill the sink with water and leave cookies on the plastic plates.
  2. I love that you are in a sneaky phase but still rat yourself out. The other day you stole a marble from a small glass vase, showed me a closed fist and said “I didn’t take anything”. If I do find out you did something, you just blame it on a baby doll.
  3. I love that I found you laying in bed eating animal crackers the other night. Snacking in bed is something you totally got from me.
  4. I love your chipped tooth.
  5. I love that you are obsessed with stripes. Especially if they are striped shorts. Whenever we find an article of clothing with stripes now, we must purchase it (and you must come home and put it right on. Most times you’ll wear striped shorts under your pants).
  6. I love that you know how I love to watch The Golden Girls. You’ll recognize the theme song or an actress at a quick glance, smile and say “Aww, you’re watching the old ladies?”
  7. I love that you call the television show Oobie “Boobie” and Fresh Beat Band “Rubberbands”. Those are the only two tv shows you will watch so I have them DVRed all throughout the house.
  8. I love that 6 nights out of the week I am guaranteed to have you climb into my bed around 1am. I love snuggling with you. (I can’t say that I really like taking a foot to the throat but thankfully, that’s not as often).
  9. I love that I have been teaching you to read. You recognize the following letters now in stories and on games: “A for Andrew, E for Emily, G for Gracie, D for Daddy, M for Mommy …and MILLER!”
  10. I love that you are the perfect, cutest, funniest, roundest little meatball girl that completes our family.

Have a great day everyone!






9 responses to “10 things | x3”

  1. Melissa I Avatar
    Melissa I

    Very cute! Maxwell is sitting next to me and is crushing a little on Grace. :) He started jumping up and down on the couch when he saw her picture.

    1. Gina Avatar

      LOL How cute is that?!

  2. Sussell Avatar

    Love this!!! It is so great how you take the time to document al the things you love about your little ones. How amazing will it be in 20 years from now to be able to read these. I think it is time I start to do so as well. Even if they are young they still do the cutest things. I wish I could capture and bottle up every sound they make these days. I love these made up words they use to express them self. I think it is adorable that Moms actually know what their kids rae trying to say. The boys also call me MAMA. It’s funny bc I call my mom MA so I am not sure where the mama came from. It must be the french in them ;) Great pictures of the kids.
    P.s. Hmmmm you love Grace’s chiped tooth. I still remember your melt down when it happened. She is precius and nothing wil ever change that. Please diregard typos I am on the ipad and you how apple loves to chnage words for us.

    1. Gina Avatar

      Her tooth grew on me by the 2nd day. ;) It’s adorable (thank God!)

      I call my mother “Ma!” too. Maybe a Long Island thing?

  3. Melanie Avatar

    What a great way to document their little quirks and personalities! I am totally stealing this idea for my kids! ;) They are all so adorable, Gina!!

  4. Peggy Avatar

    How sweet!

  5. trish Avatar

    Somebody get me a tissue!!!!! Luv it!!!

    1. Gina Avatar

      LOL Thanks! ;)

  6. shanah Gordon Avatar
    shanah Gordon

    And I loved reading these…so sweet..they’ll love having these when they’re grown and these habits are a million miles away. Beautiful writing G.

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